Dagger Lane & Other Tales of Mystery and Mayhem

by Johnson & The Phantom Ramms



released November 15, 2014

All songs written and performed by Johnson & The Phantom Ramms © 2014. Abus Music productions 2014 & 2016.
Re mastered by Johnson Ramm 2016.

Massive thank you to Neil Cook @ Unique Images of Hull for the front cover pic.




all rights reserved


Johnson Ramm UK

Johnson is a lo-fi indie folk singer songwriter from the NE of England.
Johnson also records with Johnson & The Phantom Ramms and ABUS Music.

Currently working on new release for 2017: Weightless

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Track Name: The Ghostly Sea Captain
The Ghostly Sea Captain.

When I was just a lad
I caught a whaler out of Hull
We sailed to where the days were long
And the Right whales blew
The captain said ‘We’ll whale here, boys,
Until our fortune’s made,
And then we’ll sail back home again
and you’ll be handsome paid

Well, the days turned into weeks
And the months into a year
And though our blubber rooms were full
We had a growing fear:
The captain wasn’t right, it seemed,
And hid himself away;
We heard him laughing crazily
And in his cabin stayed.

But then one day
He came on deck
And tried to steal the wheel;
We had to take back from him
When he turned upon his heel
And leapt into the icy seas
was never seen again.
It took the ship’s first mate
To chart us safely home again.

But one night as we sailed home
We glimpsed a ghostly face
Floating on the waters
Lost to time and space;
Floating on the waters
Our drowned Captain’s face
And he gave a ghostly moan
We remembered all our days

Written by Johnson & The Phantom Ramm © 2014.
Track Name: Fickle (The Lady In White)
Fickle (The Lady In White)

As I went out one morning
Into the fields of green
I came across a lady in white
I’d never seen
I told her of love leaving
And never coming back
I told her of love's blue eyes
Her hair so long and black

She told me to keep faithful
To believe in love so true
She told me love is fickle
But always shines on through
She told me love’s worth waiting
That she may yet come back
And then she left me standing
Just as the sky turned black

As I went out one evening
To cross the fields so dark
I saw a light come shining
And a song just like a lark’s
I knew it was my true love
She’d come on home to me
I took her in my arms
And said I’d never set her free

She told me she had rambled
Uncertain of our love
She told me she had wandered
Beneath the stars above
She said she’d met a lady in white
who told her that
Love was often fickle
But always shone on through

Written by Johnson & The Phantom Ramms © 2014.